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NOTE: The flash version embedded above is very quickly hacked together (no music or sound, no post-processing, worse mouse handling, worse performance), if you're on Windows, DEFINITELY try the native binary download below!!!

What happens when a strange alien weapon fuses with your body? Not much, it turns out, expect you must balance health and gunplay as every shot drains your hitpoints and the only way to gain them back is to engage enemies in close quarters and dodge their shots.

Made for Ludum Dare 32 with the theme "An Unconvential Weapon".

Install instructions

The game was tested and developed with the native Windows version in mind. The Linux and Mac versions are completely untested, and use the neko VM version of the game, which lacks support for some features we use in the game.

The game launches without GLSL shaders by default. There's a shortcut icon provided to launch with shaders, or you can manually provide the command line parameter "-enableshaders".


GunHeart_win32-native.zip 11 MB